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The sessions we included in your membership to help you achieve your goals


Unknown to a lot of our members, MetCon is an abbreviation of Metabolic Conditioning and our MetCon:45 sessions are just that.

A great mix of heavy compound lifting and HIIT style training craftily put together to create high calorie burning workouts, that build and define. 


As previously stated we cover all aspects of training to ensure our members receive the full package. 

MC:Mobility is where we stand out from the crowd. Looking after our members movement and mobility we guarantee our members not only look and feel better but are able to move more freely in and out of the gym. MC:Mobility will also aid with muscle recovery and injury prevention. 


With so much structure through the weekly sessions MC:Saturday Smash is a High intensity, usually full body circuit like session. Designed to get you ahead of the weekend before it has even begun.

A maximum calorie burner and a must if you are looking at dropping a few pounds whilst still enjoying your weekend.


As our head coaches and a lot of our members are parents juggling busy working days they understand how hard it is to keep your children active and not stuck in front of screen all day.

Mini MetCon is designed to do just that, get your child into an environment they wouldn’t usually be use to or see mummy and daddy in on a regular basis. It allows them to build up their confidence as well as their fitness, movement and strength abilities. Not to mention a whole lot of fun.

Using pieces of equipment some of them could only dream of, the private space at MetCon Leeds if perfect. (not included in your membership)

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All this plus personal calories goals, unlimited group training and monthly accountability checks included in your membership. #wegetresults

At MetCon Leeds, we believe there are 4 key elements we need to implement to ensure our members achieve their desired results:


We implement compound movements into our sessions to help Increase your strength & build muscle. This will also help strengthen your joints and prevent the risk of injury, not to mention a great tool to burn a lot of calories.


This is where we increase the intensity of the sessions, elevating heart rate and overall output. By doing so you will achieve an increase in your fitness levels & burn a maximum amount of calories in a short amount of time. This also takes the stress off your joints and tendons again reducing the chance of injury.

Functional Movements

The coaches here hold a biomechanics qualification . Biomechanics and functional training m is a big part of what we do at MetCon Leeds. We believe our members deserve to be able to move, lift and live without any restrictions with their movement. Implementing functional movements will help you improve the ease of day to day life. It will also help improve your strength in the long run , allowing you to complete the more complex lifts in the sessions .


This is a service not all group based training facilities offer & we believe is what helps our members achieve such amazing results & sets us apart from the rest.

The correct nutrition advice is vital to achieving results. Almost 100% of our members live an enjoyable and very social lifestyle. So we need to ensure you see results, with the correct calorie deficit/surplus which is calculated personally for you by the MetCon coaches. It will not only help fuel your workouts, allow you to still live a social lifestyle but will also ensure you achieve your desired goal.

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